About Structures 2000

Engineer Designed Steel Structures

Since STRUCTURES 2000 started operations in May 1999, our satisfied customers have used our fabrications for a wide range of purposes including:


STRUCTURES 2000 Standard Portal Frame Range is as follows:

Length : Width : Height:
10m 6m 2.4m
20m 9m 3.6m
25m 12m 3.6m
30m 15m 4.5m
30m 20m 4.5m
40m 20m 6.0m
42m 20m 6.0m
48m 25m 6.0m
48m 30m 6.0m

However we can custom-manufacture any size to meet your exact requirements.
Our standard structures are supplied with galvanised IBR profile roof sheeting and all fasteners, including foundation bolts. Standard roof pitch is 10 degrees.


Our structures can be supplied with a wide range of options including:

Structural Engineer's Approval

All of our structures are designed by a civil engineer. An engineer's drawing and certificate can be supplied on request.

Delivery & Erection

Manufacturing is performed at our well-equipped Spartan factory. We deliver and erect throughout South Africa. Our in-house erection team ensures that our precision ¬manufactured structures are professionally erected.


We have a wide variety of sizes and options available. Please contact us so we can quote according to your exact requirements.