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Steel Structures Excellence

We take great pleasure in our abilities to create remarkable steel buildings that are a monument to creativity and longevity. Our dedication to quality and precision is consistent, from Steel Monorails that maximize transit efficiency to Customized Steel solutions adapted to your specific demands. Our Steel Shade Structures give both shelter and style, flawlessly combining utility and aesthetics. For individuals looking for anything out of the usual, our Customized Steel Houses are the pinnacle of sophistication and style. Explore our portfolio to see the aesthetics and engineering prowess that characterize our steel projects. We are your trusted collaborator in transforming steel into remarkable constructions that exceed your dreams, whether you are visualizing a modern residence or an industrial masterpiece.

Customised Steel Solar Structure

Multi-purpose 7x12m structure for solar panels, a carport downstairs and an upstairs 2 bedroom dwelling.

Steel Structure with Verandahs

Product store on Ruby mine Mozambique.

Customised Steel House

The house has 2 bedroom wings and a centralised communal living area.

Customised House using Steel Structures

This house is a customised structure made according to an architect’s design near Irene Pretoria.

Farm Shed Portal Frame Structure

This is a standard structure used as a farm shed with cladding and roller shutter doors.

Steel Monorail

This is a monorail personnel carrier we manufactured, to a given design, in an inclined access shaft into a platinum mine.

Steel Shade Structure

These are two shade coverings we erected for a school – one for a cricket stand and one for a swimming pool.

Standard Steel Structure

Standard 9 x 20m portal frame structure.

Steel Mini Factories

This structure we erected for mini factories but had to step the heights of each bay because it was erected on a slope.

Decorative Metal Framework

This is a spec house we built which had a decorative metal framework for a garden over the entrance and the boxed office with corten steel cladding on it came out the side of the building.

Structure with raised central bay

This is a structure we built at a waste disposal site that had one bay higher than the rest of the structure.

Covered extension between buildings

This is a structure over an area between two existing buildings to tie them together.

Customised skylight

This is a customised skylight we did for a house in the DRC. It was made and transported fully made.

Pergola steel frame

This is a customised pergola we made according to architect’s specs over a pool/pizza oven.

15m structure with buffalo brown Chromadek

This is a 15m structure with bullnose cladding and a doorway erected in Pretoria. It is a pretty standard structure.

Steel Sideways Extension

This is a sideways extension we did for a lodge to park vehicles under.

Steel Structure with Cladding and Doors

This is a structure erected near Hermanus. It is a 20 x 30 structure with cladding and doors. Standard structure.

Steel Structure

This structure has crane rails on the side of it.

Steel Structure Waste Facility

This is an entire waste recycling centre we erected at a waste facility on the East Rand

Steel Structure Social Responsibility Project

This is a small house we did in Tembisa as a social responsibility project for a family.

Steel Compressor House

This is a mono pitch structure we did at a Platinum mine for a compressor house.

Steel Structure Soccer Stadium

We manufactured a football stand for a Mozambican customer. We erected it in the yard to get a feel of it. This was during the 2010 world cup which is why we had a South African flag with us.

Steel Structure Soccer Stadium Covering

This is a covering we did for a pre-existing football stand in Mozambique.

Standard 20 x 40m Steel Structure

This is a standard structure with cladding and roller shutter doors.

Mini Steel Structure Chemical Plant

This is a mini chemical plant we did for a customer.

Steel Drive Through Loading Bay

This is an extension to an existing structure to create a covered drive through loading bay.

Steel Structure in a Driver Training Facility

A standard structure which is being used for a driver training facility.

Steel Structure to Cover Containers

This is a structure we erected over a set of containers in the Western Cape.

Steel Generator Covering

A small structure we built to cover a generator on a farm.

Steel Structure Over Existing Building

This is a structure that was sent to Mozambique to cover a building that was damaged during the bush war.

40m Wide Steel Structure

This structure is 40m wide with an internal row of columns.

Insulation and Ventilators

This structure has insulation and ventilators.

25 X 72m Standard Portal frame Structure

Solar Stand

Customised steel structure for a free standing solar panel stand.

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